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Today more and more children are suffering at the hands of not only dead beat parents, but at the hands of the government entity set in place meant to help the custodial parent. It has become more of a hindrance to deal with the court system and the all that implies.

The most appalling part of the system is the interaction between all the states. If a custodial parent moves from a state, even if it is the state that the support order originated, they close the case. That's it. It is up to the parent to request certified documents, to set up new accounts with a new agency, and if the non custodial parent no longer lives in the original state, that is another state that is involved as well.

The system needs to be unified, all states with the same child support rules and guidelines, and all interconnected with one source of information, one payment center, and one agency running in all states, to help prevent the impact losing child support has on a family or more importantly a child.

For instance, a man who always pays his child support lives in New Mexico. He moves with his new family and continues to pay child support. The mother and children move from New Mexico to Ohio three years later. When she moves, New Mexico closes out the child support case before sending all needed information to Ohio, stating that Ohio must request the information.

Once in Ohio, the Ohio CSED is backed up and it takes 6 months for them to request the information needed from New Mexico. Once the information is finally requested, it is not processed in Ohio, it is forwarded to Florida to take over, sitting in someoneís in box, waiting still, all the while the child is doing without the Dadís support, the Dad has now become a dead beat and is racking up a bill for child support.

So I propose again, unify child support just as Social Security is unified. Make it national. Make a difference in childrenís lives. Protect the interests of the children under ONE AGENCY, so that things like this do not happen, so that parents canít run from their obligations by moving to another state, or so that the custodial parents do not have to fight over and over again for what they have already been though once.

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