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In our society, we have lost the true value of beauty. Beauty is beyond the skin,a look, beyond the physical. I want all women to be comfortable in their own skin and increase their self-esteem and confidence. Women must flaunt their flaws because all shapes, all sizes, all colors are beautiful. The natural beauty we all possess occurs from something greater than us. It is to look into the purity of being a human and to look beyond the physical. It is to love ourselves because we are imperfectly perfect.

It is the time for us all to look at ourselves for who we truly are. We are luminous beings that create happiness, love and peace here on earth and it is up to us to be examples of our true purity.

NO MAKEUP DECEMBER will be the force that will reveal those who are superficial, those who are materialistic and simply lack the ability to see beyond our very flaws that make us who we are. Our scars and stripes are badges that should be worn proudly to show the struggles and survival of this lifetime.

The image for this movement is a butterfly because we ourselves are in a process of metamorphism. We are going into a transition of beauty, growth and pureness. May you be a supporter of this movement for yourselves, your mothers, sisters and the women and even men of the world.

Welma Geronimo

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