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My name is Aida Crosby. I live in San Josť, Ca. From very painful

and emotional neighborhood unsafe, discriminative, and abusing-bulling

experiences, I see the need for at least my city, and most likely cities... all over the USA, to pass laws and establish a serious caring awareness

campaign to make the natural environment safe for all autistic


The problem as I see it is that work environments, and government

agencies may be aware and enforce the disabilities act, but "Public

entities are not required to take actions that would result in undue

financial and administrative burdens. They are required to make

reasonable modifications to policies, practices, and procedures where

necessary to avoid discrimination, unless they can demonstrate that

doing so would fundamentally alter the nature of the service, program,

or activity being provided."


Most critically important is that the general public, or private

citizens, and neighbors of those individuals with autism are not held

accountable for their actions that may discriminate, or create unsafe

environments for or about individuals with autism and their families.

Currently there are not laws in the USA or city government laws that

enforce protection for families and individuals with autism from those private citizens living in their immediate community.

There are Good Samaritan recommendations but not laws that protect against the

actions of private individuals. It is my very personal opinion that private and "Normal" individuals just want people of any age with autism to be completely secluded from society. Is the attach picture is my baby with Alcatraz in the background. I took this picture as a similitude on how my family and I feel with all those "normal" people around us that just do not care, and will like very much just to put all autistics, as vocal as they can be, and as capable as they can be, in their own private Alcatraz.



Given the fact that disability is perceived as having to do with

something physically impairing, fully physical capable autistic

individuals are not visible protected under the disabilities laws, because they

are perceived as fully physically functioning.

I am respectfully and urgently requesting your help in starting a local

and national campaign to BY LAW make private citizens responsible for

establishing secure environments, respect, acceptance, understanding and

caring for individuals with autism. We all need the Passing of laws that

make private citizens just as responsible for the physical and emotional

well being of individuals and families of those individuals with autism,

as those entities mentioned in the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)

Please can I receive your help, guidance, and support?

Aida Crosby

5071 Moonstone Ct

San Josť, Ca 95136


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