My big break in music rides on $3500


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My big break in music rides on $3500

A well established and well connected music manager based in San Diego, California has taken a shine to my music found on MySpace and has offered to seek a recording contract for $2000 and advises a $1500 recording of one of my songs that has the most hit potential. I am off of construction work due to an arm injury and I was recently forced into bankruptcy because of a DUI charge which also lost me my car and credit rating. I have devoted my life to my cause of becoming a rock-star. I am a lead singer but I also play guitar, bass & drums. I have created 2 self-produced CD's with my home studio, playing all the instruments. I have had a miserable time finding a drummer and bassist to back me up just to put a live band on the Toronto music scene. However, I've always believed that the key to my success would be an awesome recording of an awesome song. The music business is really the SONG business and hit songs find their way to the top because they get exposed through promotion to the right people in the biz and then find their way to a landslide of listener support. I will be pleased to provide all details about the manager/agency that has made me an impressive and enthusiastic proposal in writing. Because he is a believer in my music and market potential he has offered to champion my project starting with a 3 month planned campaign including overseeing/advising on all aspects of the studio recording of 1 song, and exposing/promoting me and the song to prominent music producers, record companies and labels. If the promotion campaign is successful it would result in a recording contract wherin a full CD would be produced, paid for by a record company with funds that are recoupable but not refundable - ie sales and touring proceeds would repay the costs of recording, artwork, manufacturing etc, firstly before the artist (yours truly) sees a profit.

I desperately want to seize this moment because the music biz moves fast and catching the fervent interest of this well connected music manager could be the "big break" in my career. But for the sake of a few thousand dollars, my life-work and my dream may never come to fruition.

BTW... usually a 3 song demo is standard when shopping for a deal but we've agreed that it only takes 1 song out of 3 if it's a hit. Hence, because I'm shooting for the lowest cost to make this happen I'm just trying to record 1 song I believe is my best chance at a hit. To make a 3 song demo of the same quality would cost another $1500.

I hope you visit my website and sample the music. All of the recordings I've posted are self-produced and feature my performances on all of the instruments. I will be glad to let you hear the song I've chosen to record/promote, should you take an interest in my "cause".

Thanks for your kind consideration,


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