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The USA is in serious trouble and has been for some time. The nominating of a USA Presidential candidate is obviously flawed. The nonsense of Florida and Michigan to name just an extreme minor example of how the system is failing. McCain has admitted he has no clue about economics. Obama has obvious connections to the Nation of Islam. And Hillary doesn't have the common sense to divorce a man that has an obvious sex and loyalty problem. This indicates to me that she has no sense. Romney quit when the going got tough.

That leaves the only obvious choice, Mick Huckabee. He stayed in the campaigne even when it looked bleak from the onslaught. He knows economics. He is loyal to his country. He is an ordained minister. The list goes on and on.

There is no law that states you have to vote for what a potical party delegation tells you are the only choices. You can do a write in vote. Take a RED MARKER with you in November. Write in large bold print on the ballot MIKE HUCKABEE. Mandate that Mike gets the job in November!

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