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We are reaching out to all performing artists who are tired of the negative impact that fame, corrupt media, and paparazzi have on the artists and public figures that we look up to. Humanitarian and musical genius Michael Jackson is dead, along with other celebrities whose tragic deaths were caused, directly or indirectly, by the actions of paparazzi and irresponsible media. They must be held accountable.

We are using a performance piece in the New York Village Halloween Parade 2009 to creatively speak out against the effects of media harassment on celebrities. Our goal is to shed some light on what these celebrities and their families dealt with in their every day lives. We are not here to dress up as these deceased icons for Halloween to mock them. Through art, we are respectfully representing them and their experience with the media. We pledge to continue their mission and stand up for the causes they believed in. Come see us perform our piece around 7:00 p.m. in the NYC Village Halloween Parade on 10.31.09. You can view our performance on You Tube after 10.31.09 by searching "Stage Stars."

Please visit our message board at makethechange.boardhoast.com and use it to network with each other and brainstorm ways to help your local community. Find charity events to become involved with, or start your own event. There are so many ways we can all pick up their torch and make a positive change. Volunteering in your local community even one day a month can make a huge difference. Don't just talk about how you feel or expect someone else to take care of it; start with the man in the mirror, get out there and do something. Do it for yourself, do it for the generations to come, and do it for those whose lives were cut way too short while they were trying to make a difference.

Stage Stars has been on a mission long before charity work was "the new trend."

Find out more about our performing arts company and the many charities and organizations we help.



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Please sign this petition to stop media and paparazzi harassment and pledge to make a positive change in your community and in the world.

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