Make Feb 15 - Universal Love Day a Global Holiday

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Make Feb 15 - Universal Love Day a Global Holiday

Help us make "February 15 - Universal Love Day" a Global Holiday!

Feb 15 - Universal Love Day is an experiment to determine if one act can change the world. Everyone's involvement is requested, even children.

For one day, every human being on earth is asked to forgive, love and say a prayer/good wish for everyone else. (This isn’t about religion – it’s about the world acting as one for the greater good of everyone.)

The February 15 - Universal Love Day Experiment was started the weekend before Feb 15, 2009 and immediately received a large following on Facebook. Since then Facebook changed its formatting, asking people to request to stay a member so we are starting over.

We are asking everyone to FLiP world anger over and change it to Love.


This includes their enemies, friends and acquaintances as well as anyone that they disagree with such as those they have heard speak, those they have seen on TV and those they have read about in the paper. Everyone.

On this one day you are asked to love everyone on earth.

Because forgiveness and unconditional love is not a way of life doing so may take some practice.

From now until February 15 please make a list of every person that you bear any grudge or ill will toward. Then each day, practice seeing the good in those people - picture them as innocent. Try to view them as they were as innocent children.

It may be easier to start with those that you are simply annoyed with, but by February 15 your list should include everyone.


On February 15 please forgive and then genuinely love every person on that list and then everyone on earth by country or continent.

Pray/Wish Well:

Then say a prayer. It doesn't have to be fancy. It just has to ask or wish for peace, love and prosperity for all men, women and children everywhere for all time.

Valentine's Day - a day set aside to love just one person - will remind you that the next day is Universal Love Day.

We have created a few pages for you to Share, Like and Sign in the hope of reaching as many people as possible. Links can be found under the File tab.

Please Share the video, Like the four Facebook pages and Sign the two petitions so when a page is viewed the support tally is the same. When you join some of your friends will join also - but if you want this to work please share our video and pages.

Keep Sharing, Liking and Signing until you see a change - for you, your loved ones - for the world.

Help us make Universal Love Day the first of many Global Holidays. You can help start to heal the world and bring about peace by sharing and caring. Won't you please help.

Let's get the world's attention!!

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~ Feb 15 - Universal Love Day


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~ Feb 15 - Universal Love Day


~ Make Feb 15 - Universal Love Day – a Global Holiday


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~ February 15 - Universal Love Day Page


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~ Please sign the “Feb 15 - Universal Love Day” cause also so we can celebrate Universal Love Day every year.


~ Please sign the “Make Feb 15 - Universal Love Day – a Global Holiday” cause also so Universal Love Day will be recognized as the onlyfirst of what we hope will be many global holidays.


Twitter: #FLiP

Thank you for joining!

~ Please spread the word! ~

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