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Truth and Reconciliation is prayed for since 1998, in order to “tax” states, the US three branches, defendants and others known and unknown, with unclean hands, consumer and public trust omissions, and intentional – implied and constructive malice against under-represented Americans in the District of Columbia. Winning my first in several successful and not successful actions having ‘standing for others, species, and rights’ I unselfishly shared the ‘treasured standing’ 1987 – 2010; Civil Rights to Human Rights to Humanity – Dignity – Character Passing it On Movement in the NATION’S CAPITOL, the World Gateway, the International Capitol of the World, Me and Ourselves, Accomplishments Spanning Title VII, 1983, Equal Pay Act and a Reasonable Woman Beyond Imaginable, to the Hostile Environment Becoming Years Beyond Work, to Neighborhoods, Through Employer – Employee Mutual Respect and Obligations, to Patriotism and “Me”; New Evidence Showing While Sharing My Legal Malpractice Denying “What was Won Being Denied, But Rightfully Mine in the First Place: Individual Right to the Pursuit of Happiness Protected Within Protected Women-World Classes; and By God’s Grace…. As world leaders and international women groups meet, I had hoped for talks on human rights in the nation’s capitol. DC, a first ‘Civilized’ Hostile Environment, to be recognized by world and women leaders, as a human-natural and man-made nuisance, to apply Maazlo, and Haiti, first responders as an alternative to our worsening situations, an ongoing government condoned indignities upon women and under-represented Americans, including intentional indifference to massive takings, lax oversight and unequal representation, and injuries and the worse to DC’s Americans. Before being politically correct, I worked to enforce human rights. Banished, I had to mitigate the crimes upon me, seek justice, ordered to represent myself it would take ten years for a judge to find active retaliation post 1990; 2001. Fallen between the cracks to high crimes while engaged in Public Trust Work, I like other women was targeted for hate in the workplace, and as resident – American in DC. I require your help and to tell of my work having local, national and international importance, significance, barriers, and as of today, stolen. I can attest to while fighting for Americans in DC, from 1987, creating ‘good faith reliance’ work reform that I would see history and reform being misused to harm. Creating an American Rights Movement, I appeared to discuss workplace violence, sexual harassment and its impacts on world-wide women and the public’s interests, as “domestic violence at home and abroad”. That post unique losses and circumstances would bring me “here” today, snubbed by courts, hill, and policy groups addressing like concerns abroad. As Ms. Rosa Parks, you have to believe in your vision.

The truth, my Story, violence within relations to my job, a new standard of care to soldiers, public workers and advocates was created. Too a new and creative me surfaced as “An American with a Will to Survive” and “Thrive” these self-regulated crimes. This is because from the day of reporting civil, human and criminal rights crimes in each forum reported I am asked, to research, write, argument why I should succeed, coerced or told to “sacrifice” me, move forward, forgive, pick up my own mat, procure lawyers, targeted for some home invasion, homelessness or taking of public work rights and healthcare, service, program, destiny, vision, character, family and associate to assembly with, and now, today “My Dignity” . All branches the other has jurisdiction, or is responsible, and that the ‘terror’ is now secrets; they are urgently pushing legislation and concealing submissions ‘secrets’ while holding a trial in media, airwaves, in community, and themselves; vilifying me ‘irresponsible’ and ‘change you can believe in’. The truth is that my story: “A Case of Municipal Rape, the Book that has to be Written and the Story that Must be Told”, is being taken as well. American Women and Associates Against Sexual Harassment for civil rights and other purposes, too started as a grassroots movement in January 1, 1992, the first day of the year of the woman to change societies attitude toward women and about ourselves; too is accomplishments, 1992 – 2010; secrets. I am told to began yet another campaign writing for justice, crime numbers, investigations, while others, ‘happiness’. Tormented, 1990 – 2010; through the courts, congress and the office of president and agents; creates pretext, and quickly abandons or seize the rights when attention rests. Yet, I stand and watch local; nationally, and internationally moments stolen and rewarded while this patriot and defender of others; label irresponsible and worse, the same pillaged.

You see, God intended several moments for me to prepare for “Now”. I have won or been verified but in the courts, hill, and before the President being hollowed out. Psalm 119:154, Plead my cause and redeem me; revive me according to Your word. Judges 11:27 I have not wronged you, but you are doing me wrong, may the lord judge between you and me, and avenge me.

I have never left any moment, rich, poor, impaired, healthy, good, bad, too big or too small; to ‘stand’ alone. Will you stand with us/USa, and support me moving respectfully forward ‘standing’ as God decides deliverance. A strong principled and god fearing advocate of justice, peace and vindication …

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