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Trey Gilbert Trey Gilbert I completely agree with everything on this site concerning Linsdey Ranz
Keri Ann Benton Mrs. Keri Ann Benton Mrs.
Kelly Culler Kelly Culler
Mary McQuown Mary McQuown
Rebecca brown Rebecca brown
Molly  Conley Molly Conley It's not just crossing the street while walking that is dangerous; it's dangerous while driving as well. There are so many two way stops where there should be 3 or 4 way stops. I've seen and experienced close calls at these areas. There are a bunch on johnnie dodds. Another seriously dangerous road is Clements ferry road. Don't wait 5 years to fix this road! Do it now!!
Sarah Hotham Sarah Hotham Lynette Ranz approached me to ask if I would sign the petition and I am devastated to hear of her loss. I know Lindsey would be proud of all that is being done to prevent another accident from occurring.
Neil Sneath Neil Sneath
Mark A. Leon Mark Mark A. Leon Mark I support this cause.
Laina Dinneen Laina Dinneen
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