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Kristin Budak Kristin Budak Lindsey was a classmate of mine. My mother had recently died and I missed a lot of school afterwards. We had math together and when I finally returned to school she was there to offer her assistance in catching up with my work. I did not know her personally but she was kind and helpful. I was shocked to hear about the accident. If feels so strange to imagine that she's gone. I often pass the memorial sight on my way home from school and am always reminded of her death but also of how caring she was.
Robbie Marty Robbie Marty
Kimmie  Scott Kimmie Scott This is just devastating to me. I used to drive through crosstown every day on my way to work and I was always scared because people drive crazy through there. This tragedy could have been avoided had someone fixed the problem sooner, and the more time wasted the more opportunity for someone else's life to be taken. This breaks my heart for Lindsey's mother and family, I could see the extreme hurt in her eyes and no mother, nobody should have to experience that pain. God bless you Lynnette!
Brianna Stiles Brianna Stiles
angela comes angela comes
Zachary Wollman Zachary Wollman
Kirsteen Azucena Kirsteen Azucena
Saache Mills Saache Mills
Brittany Miller Brittany Miller
Rebekah Shifflett Rebekah Shifflett
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