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Dina Pogroszewski Dina Pogroszewski
Jim Lowery Jim Lowery
Scott Lang Scott Lang
steven  arkin steven arkin great direction
kitty kent kitty kent Drivers, especially those in the still popular, extra-large vehicles are too often distracted and careless. This tragic situation needs remedy as soon as possible.
Elijah Latham Elijah Latham This crosswalk is ridiculously dangerous. I've almost been killed here. Could have been me and not Lindsey.
Stacie Westmoreland Stacie Westmoreland I met Lynette one evening in Greenwood SC while she was on business and she shared her daughter's story and this cause with me. I am more than happy to sign this petition!
Misty Floyd Misty Floyd
Kristin  Ingram Kristin Ingram
Claire Mangum Claire Mangum
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