L.F.P. Making Their Dreams, Our Dreams

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Everyone has a chance, and a time to change. Everyone has a dream, has a goal and has a life they want to better.

Everyone has a passion; a love or a like. But what about the people who miss out on their dreams and simply cannot pursue their goals because of no or less money?

What if we could be their chance? What if we could make the change? What if WE could make their lives somewhat


Spending time and speaking with them as we encourage them to press forward can be a bigger change then we thought of or hoped for.

Where does it all begin?

It begins with me.

It begins with you.

It begins with US.

We can make their dreams, our dreams and their goals, our goals.


- Our Hope Can Change Everything, Our Love Can Change Anything.

If you would like more information on how to help, please visit our facebook fan page or email us at LFPDream@live.com.

Thank you all for the Support!

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