Kyle Kutasi (NECA) accused of assassinating kiddie

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2013 - LOS ANGELES, CA: Hello, my name is David Chambers and I am looking for any dirt or gossip on the gentleman named Jeremy. I am also looking for a hit man who can preferably murder him and his entire family and friends preferably with cyanide pills discretely :) Please contact me on 0415807484. Locally, you can contact me on 0415-807-484, or alternatively, if you are dialing from internationally, you can contact me on 61-415-807-484. You can also contact the local number (08) 8212 4629, or alternatively, internationally, 61-8-82124629. You can also fax the international number 61-8-82117861, or alternatively, the local number (08) 8211 7861. You can also email detect@investigatorsoz.com.au. You can also visit us at "Investigator House" 387 King William Street, Adelaide SOUTH AUSTRALIA, AUSTRALIA 5000 (we are no longer at our old address 304 King William St). You can also post us at G.P.O. Box 631, Adelaide, SOUTH AUSTRALIA AUSTRALIA 5001.

: The name of our company is Investigators (Australia) Pty Ltd ACN 007-835-823 Est 1969, who work predominantly with solicitors, insurance companies, corporate bodies, and accountants. We have agents in all Australian states and throughout the world.

: More info can be found about us here: http://abr.business.gov.au/SearchByAbn.aspx?abn=25007835823 and here: http://www.search.asic.gov.au/cgi-bin/gns030c?juris=9&hdtext=ACN&srchsrc=1&acn=007835823 as well as on our official site: http://www.investigatorsoz.com.au/

: We offer services in employee theft, checking out prospective internet partners, counter industrial espionage, background checking, pre-employment checks, undercover agents, unfair competition reports, security consultants, missing persons, peace of mind reports, fraudulent claims, interviews and interrogation, tracing witnesses, surveillance (private and commercial), copyright and patent infringement, accident investigation, solicitors agents, pre-trial defense investigations, store investigations, honesty/mystery/ghost shopping, hotel and bar investigations, alibi verification, child custody reports, and store detective. We do not charge for an initial consultation!

: Our managing director and founder is Frank Arthur Church JP (more info here: http://jp.agd.sa.gov.au/JPPublicWeb/generalSearch.do;jsessionid=2CAA43464B03E09061BED8D078FDF2EC). You can contact him on 8381 3762, he's based in HALLETT COVE. Other than being a JP he is a founding member and president of 2 Lion's Club, the Lions Club of Adelaide Police, and the Lions Club of Adelaide Central.

The ABR says Investigators (Australia) Pty Ltd has been active since 17 Jun 2000, and is NOT registered for GST. Does their organization seriously want us to believe it is making less than $75k in revenue??? It cancelled GST payments on 30 Jun 2006.. which is about 20 days before 10 Jul 2006 when they shifted from 304 King William St (their old address) to 387 King William St (their new address). Rather, since 1 Jan 2006, a "The Trustee for CHAMBERS FAMILY TRUST" trading as "INVESTIGATORS (AUSTRALIA) PTY LTD" has been in operation as a discretionary trading trust. This has changed addresses after Jan 1 2006, on 7 Apr 2006, and again on 9 Feb 2007. GST was registered for this trust on 1 Jan 2006. Most importantly, this shows clear fraud! They state on their site Est 1969, however, they were registered with the ABR from 17 June 2000?!?! They've been around for 12 years, but claim to have been around for 43..

Also, on their web site, they start with a strong Issue No 1 on July 1996, which states it is the "first issue of what we believe will be many". After that, there are only 2 publications (now non-functional, HTML pages) dated Dec 1996 and Sep 1997 - but it's the thought that counts, right?

You'll also notice on http://www.investigatorsoz.com.au/ links to:

- a link page with the text "LINKS TO GO HERE" http://www.investigatorsoz.com.au/htm/htminvestigators/links.htm . This domain is registered with NetRegistry, with the general company number 007835823, by a gentleman named David Chambers, and is hosted with the company chariot.net.au (, Tpg Internet Pty Ltd).

- a Missing Persons page, which states "This domain may be for sale" http://www.missingpersons.com.au/ This is registered by Drop.com.au Pty Ltd ABN 46122735648, and honsted on the domain fabulous.com (,Dbs Administration Pty Ltd)

- a Legal Resource page, "under construction" which links to the company's own Investigators Australia page, saying barristers, solicitors, private investigators, process server and security companies may apply for a listing for a fee http://www.legalaustralia.com.au/ This domain is registered with NetRegistry, and hosted with chariot.net.au (, Tpg Internet), again registered with corporate code 007 835 823, and SA BN 0406810w

- a People Finder web site which has the requisite "Cheap rates are usually a poor guide" http://www.peoplefinders.com.au/ This is registered under the name International People Finders with the code SA BN 0438788X (SA) by David Chambers, with technical contact going to Frank Church. This is hosted by chariot.net.au (, Tpg Internet), and the domain registered with NetRegistry

- A Process Serving web site, which delineates 387 King Will St as "South of Supreme Court" and unlinks with the rest of the other sites supra http://processservers.com.au/ This domain is registered with NetRegistry, with corporate code 007 835 823 and SA BN 0121268W (SA), to a Mr David Chambers who is hosting it on chariot.net.au (:, Tpg Internet)

This company looks like a fraud that's diving into debt to me. Just my two cents - oh, and unlawful stalking on behalf of a Mr David Chambers??

: David Chambers

: Frank Arthur Church

: 22 Seaview Ave, Hallett Cove SA 5158


No one can defeat the invincible Mr David Love who was a famous TAC auditor who screwed hundreds of RTO's over, including one prosecution case that involved WA police!

Using each of the pseudonyms (John Cunningham with email johncunningham6000@gmx.com; Richard Love with email love.richard79@yahoo.com; John Wayne with email johnwayne1143@gmail.com; Stuart Wang, discussed pseudonym and associated web address below) you have published web pages and Google groups which are defamatory of our clients especially and its director, David Love and his son Stuart Love. You have also disseminate links to those web pages in emails including from "John Cunningham" to personnel at the University of Western Australia, Law Council of Australia and the Law Society of Western Australia and the WA Department of Training and Works transmitted 3:36am 26 February 2012. The initial email is sent from "Richard Love" and is addressed to personnel at the Department of Training and Works (WA). That email has then been forwarded by "John Cunningham" to personnel and academics at the Law Faculty at the University of Western Australia, personnel at the Law Society of Western Australia and personnel at the Law Council of Australia. The email contains links to three web pages and seven Google groups, namely:

(you can search for these online with "David Love EUPA")

The content of those pages/groups is defamatory of our clients. The material contains untrue imputations including that:

(a) David Love:

i. is receiving a salary disproportionate to his role with EUPA;

ii. is not fit and proper to perform his role as a TAC auditor;

iii. acted illegally or improperly in the Termination;]

iv. is dying of cancer;

v. suffers from/displays the characteristics of a "serious narcissistic personality disorder";

vi. is being sued for a sum of $15,242.40 and faces the risk of bankruptcy;

(b) Kevin Peachey:

i. receiving an improper amount of salary;

ii. spent $65,000.00 of EUPA finds on "pornographic printing";

iii. is a "narcissistic psychopath"

(c) Kyle Kutasi is a "pathological liar"

(d) Joe Fiala spent $15,000.00 on travel to a brothel

You have posted under the pseudonym Stuart Wang at the web address: (URL)

A grossly defamatory allegation David Love is a child sex abuser. That site states in large font "David Love (EUPA) is a child sex abuser | psychopathic moron | UW" and in its text states "MR. DAVID LOVE: YOU ARE A PSYCHOPATHIC F*CK!"

We also note the following sites:

(list of sites found by Googling "David Love EUPA")

In the last listed site you have defamed Stuart Love by claiming he is "child abuser."

Demand: We demand on behalf of our clients that you forthwith:

1. Cease and desist from making further defamatory statements;

2. Forthwith remove from the World Wide Web the pages and statements referred to herein and any other webpages you have created which refer to our clients;

3. Not reinstate any of those pages;

4. Cease and desist from emailing any links to those web pages;

5. Forthwith provide a written apology to our client making specific reference to the comments that we have described as defamatory and a withdrawal of defamatory allegations within those webpages;

6. Provide a copy of that letter to our offices; and

7. Take such further steps as are necessary to protect our clients' interest and reputation.

Should we not receive written confirmation from you that all defamatory material has been removed within 48 hours of your receipt of this correspondence, we anticipated being instructed to apply for an injunction restraining you from continuing to defame our clients. Our clients' right to commence an action against you for defamation is expressly reserved.

Please give this correspondence your urgent attention.

We reserve the right to refer to this correspondence on the question of costs, should an application for an injunction be necessary.

Yours faithfully

HHG Legal Group - 19 March 2012 - OUR REF: WD:CDM:100212 - Contact: Wade McDonald

NECA Western Australia

: Kyle Jay Kutasi

: Ann-Marie Kutasi

: 698 Beach Rd, Hamersley WA 6022

: Peter Tuck

: Geoffrey Lloyd Hender

: 140 Eigth Ave, Maylands WA 6051

: Stuart Cornelis Diepeveen

: Janine Marie Diepeveen

: 22 Lambertia Cres, High Wycombe WA 6057

: Ray Harris

: Hannes Boshoff

: Jackie Horner

: Helen Marietta Lemke

: 18/34 Markham Way, Balga WA 6061

: Natalie Smith

: Ben Williams

: Sophie Jones

: Pia Jayne Colreavy

: John Patrick Colreavy

: Vicki Colreavy

: 168A Alfred Rd, Swanbourne WA 6010

: Stephanie Martin

: Julian Fernando Gomez

: Alissia Raquel Gomez

: Fernando Gomez

: Raquel Gomez

: 22 Jacana Cir, Gwelup WA 6018

: Laurie Islip

: Jacqueline Madeley

: Chelsea Madeley

: Paul Eugene Madeley

: 19 Brearley St, Bullsbrook WA 6084

: Lorelei Atanya Croker

: Sean William Croker

: 24 Eastman Turn, Tapping WA 6065

: Ella Christine Doherty

: 2/4 Randazzo Way, Yangebup WA 6164

: Julie Hughes

: Lou Piscicelli

: Michael James Nazareth

: Peter Joseph Nazareth

: Robert John Nazareth

: 17 Stringfellow Dr, Bull Creek WA 6149

: Rosa Vann

: Kirsten Thamerus

: Sheryl Anne Triplett

: Bradley Triplett

: Brendon Andrew Triplett

: Mark Andrew Triplett

: 12 Newstead Cl, Halls Head WA 6210

HHG Legal Group (Hudson Henning and Goodman)

: Carmen Danielle Mitchell

: Damian Patrick Mitchell

: 3 Clearwater Dr, Southern River WA 6110

: Simon Elwyn Creek

: Jennifer Margaret Creek

: 22 Doonan Rd, Nedlands WA 6009

: Murray Noel Thornhill

: 10 Tyrell St, Nedlands WA 6009

: Janene Mary Bon

: Joshua Joannes Bon

: 17 Goss Ave, Manning WA 6152

: Wade McDonald

: Darren Bruce South

: Fiona Louise South

: 4 Rae Pl, Hillarys WA 6025

: Aleta Jane Shilton

: 90 Oakover Rd, Middle Swan WA 6056

: Jade Lattimore

: 36 Ballymote Gdns, Ridgewood WA 6030

: Gregory "Greg" Ian Wolff

: Vivienne Wolff

: 10 Emander Dr, Dianella WA 6059

: Bernadette Duell

: Darryl Stewart

: Marnie Jane Parkinson

: 56 Buntine Rd, Wembley Downs WA 6019

: 34 Old Coast Rd, Australind WA 6233

: Chantelle McGarvie

: Rachel Rose McGarry

: 9/36 Marion St, Mt Barker WA 6324

: Jim Crockett

: Lynette Anne Hawkins

: Simon John Levinge Hawkins

: 9 Alfonso St, North Perth WA 6006


David Love is now being screwed over in the ATO! (about time!)

: Australian Taxation Office Tax Evasion

: Locked Bag 6050 Dandenong VIC 3175


: I am writing to you about a Mr. David Love, and his personal assistant, Ms. Serena Panas, of the Electrical Utilities and Public Administration Training Council Inc (76 710 050 832), regarding alleged fraudulent misrepresentation under commission and taxation fraud.

: Mr. Love’s submission to the West Australian Industrial Relations Commission (U199 of 2011) gives an impression that his organization will fraudulently misrepresent my actions. I write to you with immediacy, as I am concerned this will cause me a future tax liability.


:: U199 of 2011

:: 1. An offer of "casual employment" as a research officer, was made to Jeremy Sh0m on the 15 August 2011 with a start date of 22 August.

:: 2. "The Applicant indicated that he would prefer to be engaged as a contractor through his own company: Jeremy Sh0m Company Pty Ltd ABN 38 152 885 O17

:: 3. It was agreed between the parties that the Applicant would be engaged as a "contractor".

:: 4. He commenced completing work for the EUPA Training Council Inc. as a contractor on 22 August 2011.

:: 5. The Applicant performed research work as required by EUPA Training Council and tendered invoices from his Company periodically. These invoices were then paid by EUPA Training Council. (Sample invoice attached)

:: 6. It is the Respondents understanding that the WA IRC lacks the jurisdiction to hear or determine the matter as the Applicant was not engaged as an employee, but rather as a contractor and therefore as there is no employment relationship the Applicant could not have been unfairly dismissed.

: What is incorrectly represented is Mr. Love’s statement that I would have liked to be engaged as a contractor. Relevant facts that prove not I, but Mr. Love was the person who masterminded the contractual arrangement include:

: - Relatively evident in Mr. Love’s notice to answer (above) is that it was the originally agreed intention the position would be offered as an employment relationship (hence the contracts were drawn up accordingly). It was only under his coercion that I registered for an ABN, and accepted the arrangement on contractual basis.

: - This was my first full time job out from University, and I didn’t have an ABN at the time, so how could I have “preferred” to be engaged as a contractor?

: - EUPA Training Council has treated previous employees as contractors, rather than employees. Other than Mr. Love divulging this to me, I am aware of this as I was requested by Ms. Panas to draw up my billing invoice based on a prior contractor that EUPA T/C hired on the same manner, but who paid GST. This is not EUPA’s first occasion treating employees as contractors.

: - In the Seek.com.au advertisement posted by former police officer Kevin Peachey, the EUPA Training Council Inc was seeking a person with an ABN, for the reasons that the engagement would be as a contractor. This is proof that I was not the originator of the idea of being employed as a contractor, and in particular, did not request to be employed as a contractor.

: - My company was formed 4 days after I started working for EUPA. This was because I was pressured by Mr. Love to obtain an ABN. The business wouldn’t have been formed if it weren’t for the employment situation at EUPA. The company formation timing shows it.

: - Throughout the employment period, I raised with both Mr. Love and Ms. Panas on several occasions that it is in breach of what I understand to be the ATO requirements regarding employment classification, to simply call an employee a contractor, and thus waive their employee rights, as well as taxation withholding obligations. In fact, the document at http://www.ato.gov.au/4540.htm was printed out and provided to both Mr. Love and Ms. Panas to view, though they gave this little regard. I explicitly stated that my understanding was (as supported by that printed sheet) that you couldn’t call an employment relationship a contract, unless it fulfilled the requirements, but both dismissed it because they “weren’t doing anything illegal”. At another point in time, I also asked why Mr. Love and Peachey were using the corporate petty cash fund to buy food and drink, as I thought these expenses were not legally deductible. However, in line with their bullying, I was simply ignored, and told to understand what working in the “real world” was like.

: - My understanding from Mr. Love’s statements shortly before I discontinued with the organization was that he construed the employment, as “contracts” didn’t confer additional employee rights, in addition to the taxation obligation, which I brought up with Mr. Love (and Ms. Panas) earlier. Mr. Peachey divulged that the employment arrangement was as such as Mr. Love had issues with the previous Mr. Lee Pritchard.

: Reasons enlisted suggesting employment relationship are:

: - I was employed to work there for a fixed period of half a year

: - I was required to turn up to work at 9.30am and depart at 4pm

: - I was provided with an EUPA email address, and was required to use a EUPA laptop

: On Dec 2 2011, Mr. Love laughed proudly when I was terminated at 9.20am, that because the employment situation was as casual employee, he could discontinue employment at any time. However, Mr. Love has never paid employee tax, superannuation, and workers compensation, so clearly, Mr. Love is construing the employment relationship however he likes, depending on what is convenient in his given circumstance.

: The effective result of Mr. Love’s actions apart from losing my rights to action in the WA IR Commission (and against workplace harassment) is the failure to withhold tax from worker’s wages, forward tax withheld to ATO, and pay employee super entitlement. This type of individual (Mr. Love) targeting new graduates, who are unable to recover damages through court (due to a Mr. Love who states he will “throw all” his “resources” to “screw” them over), should be prosecuted immediately.

: Yours sincerely, JEREMY LL.B (LAWS)


: David Gordon Love [Executive Director]

: Deborah Mavis Love

: Erika Love

: Stuart Love

: 146 Gildercliffe St, Scarborough WA 6019

: Joe Daniel Fiala [Chairperson]

: Allison Faye Fiala

: 10 Macalister Gdns, Mirrabooka WA 6061

: Gerald Brian Upham [Union representative]

: Frederick Gerald Upham

: 11 Halwest Way, Alexander Heights WA 6064

: Harry McDonald [Electrical]

: Carmen Marie Mews

: 3 Rainer Mews, Willeton WA 6155

: John Phillips [Local government]

: Kevin Francis Poynton [Waste management]

: 68a Alderbury St, Floreat WA 6014

: Kim Schofield [Public sector]

: Neil Hooley [Water]

: 38a Raleigh Rd, Sorrento WA 6020

: Ray Harris [Electrotechnology]

: Toni Beverley Walkington [Public sector]

: 197 Washington St, Victoria Park WA 6100

: Gary Fitzgerald [DTWD]

: Geoffrey Thomas Wrigley [Oil & gas]

: Cheryl Anne Wrigley

: 7 Mayor Rd, Coogee WA 6166

: Gordon Duffy [DTWD}

: Gabriella Duffy

: 20 Burragah Way, Duncraig WA 6023

EUPA: Employees

: Kevin John Peachey [Project Officer]

: Michael John Peachey

: Rita Ann Peachey

: 35 Clarkson Rd, Bullsbrook WA 6084

: Serena Jane Panas [Administration]

: 50 Casilda Rd, Duncraig WA 6023

EUPA: Former employees

: Judith "Jude" Marinoni

: Joshua Michael Marinoni

: Michael George Marinoni

: 14B Shearn Cres, Doubleview WA 6018

: Lee Pritchard

: 6 Cairo Way, Wanneroo WA 6065


: Dave Hicks

: Mark harper

: Brian Chanter

: Andrea Marilyn Chanter

: 112 Jarrah Rd, St James WA 6102


Norma Roberts is a red haired Australian white supremacist. She is an Executive Director at RAPSTC, and has studied at Curtin University of Technology and Sacred Heart College Highgate. She is the Executive Director at Retail and Personal Services Traning Council (RAPSTC). Norma Roberts is the tool who suggested more hairdressers be trained (i.e. that there is a shortage), thereby causing millions of newly trained hairdressers to be out of jobs!

: Martin Brian Pritchard

: Danielle Kaye Pritchard

: Georgina Mary Pritchard

: Jessica Mary Pritchard

: 6 Kalyba Pl, Duncraig WA 6023

: Shane Michael Pavlinovich

: 2/9 Thurlow Ave, Yokine WA 606

: Jane Piercey

: 8A Sherman Ct, Kingsley WA 6026

Kay Gerard is from Rockhampton Queensland, and went to Rockhampton State High School. She is the Executive Director of FFTITC. She is known to have smeared "Jeremy".

: Kay Lesley Gerard

: 38b Pearl Rd, Cloverdale WA 6105

: Geoff Richards

: Fred Lenard Chambers

: Sarah Elizabeth Chambers

: Lot 1 Stirling Rd, Channybearup WA 6260

: Sue Jordan

: Hammer Melkic

: Cheryl Dennise Stinson

: David Roy Stinson

: 27 Gosnells Rd E, Orange Grove WA 6109

: John Da Silva

: Jane Coole

: Arthur Hiemstra

: Gavin Evans

: Kevin Coombes

: 18 Milverton Ave, Karrinyup WA 6018

: Diane Smith

: Brad Armstrong

: Glazelle van Wyngaard

: Johan Wyngaard

: 63 Dawson Ave, Forrestfield WA 6058

Just got hold of the EUPA budget from Kevin recently - can you believe this? EUPA gets paid $448,174, almost quarter of a million dollars from the Department of Education, and they're spending a whopping $347,437.50 on wages? This scenario apparently leads to a predicted loss of $118,844.10; it's no wonder Mr. Love tried to kick out Jeremy to "reduce cost"! It's also astounding how the greedy Mr. Love takes home a huge $140k+ pay check, earning around $500 per day - more than most people earn in a week! Also, that he gave himself a generous $12k bump in his salary in the past financial year (despite the financial crisis). Even worse? Notice David Love's salary ($141k) is around 32% of what DTWD is giving him!

EUPA Training Council Budget 2011/12

(Executive Officer, 1 x Project Officer , Administrative Support)

: Income

DTWD Service Agreement - Operating Grant: $418,174.00

DTWD Curriculum Services: $20,000.00

Interest (estimate): $10,000.00

TOTAL: $448,174.00

: Predicted Expenses

Office Rent & Variables: $28,000.00

Office Expenses/Bank fees etc: $2,000.00

Electricity: $3,000.00

Telephone: $8,000.00

Subscriptions & Periodicals: $2,000.00

Photocopier & Printing: $6,500.00

Postage & Courier Costs: $1,000.00

Computer & Stationary: $5,000.00

Internet Expenses: $2,500.00

Insurances: $7,500.00

Fuel & Motor vehicle expenses: $15,000.00

Fringe Benefits Tax: $5,000.00

Parking: $1,250.00

Travel: $15,000.00

Promotion/Publications/Expo attendance: $15,000.00

Meeting & Conference expenses: $17,500.00

Professional Development: $2,500.00

Office Cleaning: $3,500.00

Security: $3,000.00

Audit Fees: $3,000.00

Book keeping assistance: $2,000.00

Salaries & Wages: $267,437.50

Superannuation: $24,069.37

TOTAL: $439,756.87

: Contingent liabilities

Motor vehicle replacement: $10,000.00

Redundancy provision : $9,423.75

Long Service Leave provision: $9,337.48

TOTAL: $28,761.23

TOTAL COSTS (Est): $468,518.10

PREDICTED LOSS: -$20,344.10


EUPA Training Council Budget 2011/12

(Executive Officer, 2 x Project Officers , Administrative Support)

: Income

DTWD Service Agreement - Operating Grant: $418,174.00

DTWD Curriculum Services: $20,000.00

Interest (estimate): $10,000.00

TOTAL: $448,174.00

: Predicted Expenses

Office Rent & Variables: $28,000.00

Office Expenses/Bank fees etc: $2,000.00

Electricity: $3,000.00

Telephone: $8,000.00

Subscriptions & Periodicals: $2,000.00

Photocopier & Printing: $6,500.00

Postage & Courier Costs: $1,000.00

Computer & Stationary: $5,000.00

Internet Expenses: $2,500.00

Insurances: $7,500.00

Fuel & Motor vehicle expenses: $17,500.00

Fringe Benefits Tax: $5,000.00

Parking: $1,250.00

Travel: $18,000.00

Promotion/Publications/Expo attendance: $15,000.00

Meeting & Conference expenses: $17,500.00

Professional Development: $2,500.00

Office Cleaning: $3,500.00

Security: $3,000.00

Audit Fees: $3,000.00

Book keeping assistance: $2,000.00

Salaries & Wages: $347,437.50

Superannuation: $31,069.37

TOTAL: $532,256.87

: Contingent liabilities

Motor vehicle replacement: $10,000.00

Redundancy provision: $12,423.75

Long Service Leave provision: $12,337.48

TOTAL: $34,761.23

TOTAL COSTS (Est): $567,018.10

PREDICTED LOSS: -$118,844.10


Salaries are explained here:

David Love:

- Base salary (2010/11): $116,138.38

- Increment: $11,613.84

- Leave loading: $1,719.74

- Super: $11,652.48

- TOTAL PAY: $141,124.44

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