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Through MedSoc we have failed to ask UNE to take our feed back seriously. They keep saying they will “do something”….. its Newcastle’s fault…. it needs approval by the faculty… the JMP committee….. but NOTHING occurs. We have been told to stop making comments on Facebook, to use “official” channels, but the university still does NOT listen to us. So I have a suggestion… we make it loud and clear in an online petition using change.org!

But several staff in particular have made the school the current hell it is…… We all know who they are……. So bad that Prof Mckeown decided to tell the faculty to **** off and left!

I wouldnt be surprised if the whole medical program at UNE will be deaccredited – so we need to kick out the bad fuckers! Especially as the faculty is undergoing curriculum renewal…. we have an interim head of school…. NOW is the best time to make noise!

We hereby ask for the resignation of the entire SRM school, including:

Associate Professor John Nevin

Professor Rafat Hussain

Muriel Dell

A/Prof Nihad Abu-Asab

Dr Claire Aland

Dr Heidi Austin

Dr Sandy Austrin-Miner

Dr Amanda Bentel

Dr Phillip Braslins

Janet Brown

Selena Chan

A/Prof Jane Conway

A/Prof Elizabeth Cotterell

Dr Joëlle Coumans-Moens

A/Prof Sergio Diez Alvarez

Dr Jacqueline Epps

Dr David Ford

A/Prof Robert French

Dr Deepak Ganapathy

Dr Kenneth Gilpin

Dr Ron Grant

A/Prof Michelle Guppy

Dr Vicki Howell

Dr Sally Hunter

Dianne Kelton-Chambers

Dr Russell King

Dr Rod Martin

Dr Cheryl McIntyre

Jenny McKay

Dr Anna Murrell

Dr Amanda Nagle

Dr Hadi Nojoumian

Nicola Rochford

A/Prof Graham Stewart

A/Prof Fiona Stewart

Dr Suha Tazami

Dr Stuart Wark

Dr Jane Watt

Trish Battin

Kim Battin

Esther Joy Bowles

Thomas Cooper

Yumiko Hickson

Brooke Kelehear

Adam Landow

Julie Mills

Kelsey Morgan

Kim Prater

Jenny Smith

Maree Walsh

Vicki Weaver

Miranda Cannon

Catherine Cosgrave

Gina Dillon

David Williams

Dr Catherine MacPhail

Dr Kathryn McKay

Dr Stuart Wark

Dr Samuel Adera

A/Prof Gary Baker

A/Prof David Bell

A/Prof Alan Brichta

A/Prof David Briggs

A/Prof Susan Brumby

Dr Brian Connor

Prof Stephen Deane

Dr Charles Douglas

Dr Tinashe Dune

Prof John Ferguson

Dr Karen Fisher

Dr John Fisher

A/Prof John Flynn

Prof John Fox

Prof John Fraser

A/Prof Bruce French

A/Prof Mathew George

Dr Cristian Gragnaniello

A/Prof Graham Gumley

Prof Harry Haiegler

Prof Michael Hensley

Dr Graeme Horton

Prof Judith Hudson

Dr James Hughes

Dr Philip Hungerford

Prof Matthew Janicki

A/Prof Hassan Kamalddin

Dr Ian Kammerman

Dr Raphael Kwa

Dr Anthony Leslie

Dr Kenneth Lim

Prof Shahram Lotfipour

A/Prof Deborah Loxton

Prof Gerald Maguire

Dr Abe Mathew

A/Prof Stephen May

Mr Mark McEvoy

Dr Eugeni Mihaylov

Prof Balakrishnan Nair

Dr Seshasayee Narasimhan

Dr Susan O’Loughlin

Dr Fiona Ord

Dr Suzanne Outram

Dr Mani John Panat

Prof Trevor Parmenter

Dr Keith Power

A/Prof Maree Puxty

A/Prof Robert Rae

Dr Suzanne Robertson

A/Prof Charbel Sandroussi

Prof Ulrich Schall

A/Prof Michael Shatwell

Prof Marcus Stoodley

A/Prof John Stuart

Prof Ian Symonds

A/Prof Matin Veysey

Dr Catherine Wiles

Dr Martin Young

I’ve also included a list of the academic staff should you require them:

- A/Prof Nihad Abu-Asab: Associate Professor

- Dr Clare Aland: Senior Lecturer

- Dr Heidi Austin: Lecturer

- Dr Sandy Austrin-Miner: Lecturer

- Dr Amanda Bentel: Senior Lecturer

- Dr Phillip Braslins: Clinical Dean – Tablelands Clinical School

- Janet Brown: Senior Lecturer

- Selena Chan: Lecturer

- A/Prof Jane Conway: Medical Education Coordinator; Deputy Director Medical Education Unit

- A/Prof Elizabeth Cotterell: Associate Professor

- Dr Joelle Coumans-Moens: Lecturer

- Dr Jacqueline Epps: Senior Lecturer

- Dr David Ford: Senior Lecturer

- A/Prof Robert French: Associate Professor

- Dr Deepak Ganapathy: Lecturer

- Dr Kenneth Gilpin: Senior Lecturer

- Dr Ron Grant: Senior Lecturer

- A/Prof Michelle Guppy: Associate Professor

- Dr Vicki Howell: Senior Lecturer

- Dr Sally Hunter: Senior Lecturer

- Dianne Kelton-Chambers: First Year Advisor, Education, Health and Rural Medicine

- Dr Russell King: Senior Lecturer

- Dr Rod Martin: Senior Lecturer

- Dr Cheryl McINtyre: Senior Lecturer

- Jenny McKay: Lecturer

- Dr Anna Murrell: Senior Lecturer

- Dr Amanda Nagle: Year 1 Clinical Academic Co=ordinator

- Dr Hadi Nojoumian: Senior Lecturer

- Nicola Rochford: Lecturer

- A/Prof Fiona Stewart: Associate Professor of Anatomy

- A/Prof Graham Stewart: Associate Professor of Surgery

- Dr Stuart Wark: Lecturer

- Dr Jane Watt: Senior Lecturer

And Professional Staff:

- Trish Battin: School Office Manager

- Kim Battin: Administrative Assistant (Anatomy)

- Esther Joy Bowles: Research Assistant

- Thomas Cooper: Year 2 Manager (Acting)

- Muriel Dell: Tablelands Clinical School Office Manager

- Yumiko Hickson: Year 2 Manager

- Brooke Kelehear: Research Assistant

- Adam Landow: E-learning Support Officer

- Julie Mills: Year 4/5 Manager, Tablelands Clinical School

- Kelsey Morgan: Year 3 Manager

- Kim Prater: Year 1 Manager

- Jenny Smith: Administrative Assistant

- Maree Walsh: Academic Manager

- Vicki Weaver: Administrative Officer (Anatomy)

Cool, for those in the unknown, you can get the full listing of staff here: http://www.une.edu.au/about-une/academic-schools/school-of-rural-medicine/staff

Here are the year coordinators these days:

MEDI1011/MEDI1014 is Amanda Nagle

MEDI1012/MEDI1015 is Jim McFarlane

MEDI1013 is Rafat Hussain

MEDI2011/MEDI2013 is Suha Tazami

MEDI2012 is Tom Van Der Touw

MEDI2014 is Peter Wilson

MEDI3017/MEDI3018 is Michelle Guppy

MEDI4015 is Liz Cotterell

MEDI498/MEDI499 is Rafat Hussain

Rafat Hussain= looks as if though she has been domestically abused, with a huge bruise on one of her eyes…. she is muslim and doesnt wear the head scarf… is her husband a muslim who’s a wife beater???

Robert French= talks so soft you can’t even hear him speak…

Michelle Guppy= feminist bitch who can’t keep her comments to herself. if i were her husband, i would choke this bitch to death, so she could just shut her cunt! seems to have something to say just about anything…

Dianne Kelton-Chambers= never attend her useless lectures, which are usually surrounding something to do with the library, and any 2 year old would know

Rod Martin= arrogant and very talkative

Fiona Stewart= she might know a lot, but she finds it difficult to TEACH this information to students, instead getting first year students to teach her post graduate students, in order to humiliate them… this is someone who teaches using humiliation… beware… heard apparently she got booted out of her office, and replaced with a younger teacher recently

AHAHHAHAHAHAHA that comment about sadam hussain is hilarious

SHe’s got a photo here… http://www.une.edu.au/staff-profiles/rhussain2

Yep, the right eye looks like it’s been punched!

Sandy Austrin-Miner (http://www.une.edu.au/staff-profiles/saustri2) looks like she dyes her hair white

if you look at the profile of claire aland, it looks like this junior is replacing fiona ….


i think it was prof mckeown who launched this, and it pissed off a couple of people. i herald and thank mckeown for doing this though!

Stuart Wark = Stats legend, but is slightly “shady” with his funny looking glasses (excuse the pun)

Kim Prater = FARKIN HOT! I’d do a midget!

Maree Walsh = Ugly… aren’t Academic Managers supposed to be hot?? She’s got a bitch of a personality too!

Adam Landow = Nerd

Kim Battin = Probably the hottest piece of meat hired by SRM

Trish Battin = Old lady

Too bad Kim Prater doesn’t have a photograph on her page or I’d print it out and masturbate to it!

Charles Douglas=Ethics dude…

John Flynn=At the end of his Power Point slides loves to put offensive photos that are sexist or otherwise offensive…

Martin Veysey=Funny dude

Ian Symonds=50yo who looks like he still lives at home

What happened to your year 2 coordinators??? Have they all moved to Newcastle, and they’re dumping the UNE ones??

Amanda Nagle is alright, pretty nice person!!

Anyway, Michelle Guppy is one of THE MOST bias and unfair year coordinators of all 5 years. She has certain “favourites” in her class, and if you aren’t one of them, you will find that you’ll get lower marks… won’t have as many opportunity to resubmit assignments… resit exams… you might even fail certain tasks… you might fail the whole entire subject… and have to repeat a year… as in the case of a person I know, who described her as “not very compassionate”

Suha Tazami= Biggest bitch on the planet!!! I say that she is worse than Michelle Guppy… Watch out for Guppy as she says the exam will contain one thing and it contains another. Tazami is no help at all…

Liz Cotterell= annoying


Michelle Guppy is the person who has tried to “assume” the head of school position, following the resignation of Peter McKeown, and after John Nevin also decided to leave

Persis Samuel (the current MedSoc president) has made it very clear that Guppy is also the person who is “behind” the shutting down of the PBL rooms permanently…

Someone commented on Julie Mills’ inappropriate choice of clothing as a clinical coordinator, that she looks as if though she has had plastic surgery, and comments on poses she has with old men on Facebook, and some other sexual misconduct allegation with a 4th year medical student….

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA totaly agree with the promiscuous dress sense part. also some new comments rolling in from the petition-

Kim Prater is hot, but a midget

Midget is better than kelsey morgan looks like shes got FAS… fetal alcohol syndrome

Hadi=Legendary cardiologist! Funny too!

Jessica Lindley Jones loved BBD (big black dick) PS: The Muslim “negro” (HAHA!) is called “Aadil Rahim”


googling for “julie mills une” after someone was commenting on julie mills looking like a bimbo, wearing clothes that are inappropriate for a “clinical coordinator”, and her apparently giving a hand job to a 4th year kid, and found this… all i can say is… wow… you kids in armidale are pretty fcking crazy! anyway is this the same julie mills that has a facebook (https://www.facebook.com/julie.mills.77128), and her maiden name was julie carlson, studied at rmit, lives in guyra, from melbourne… r we on the same page? anyway did you know this woman has kids?? you wouldnt think so given all the poses with old men, photos that make her look like she’s had plastic surgery, and a “milf” photo with pete murray

Janet Brown= Why do we have nurses teaching doctors. Seriously???

When you compare Michelle Guppy and Suha Tazami, it’s difficult to say who’s “worse” on the scale… They’re both pretty bad…..

What do you know?? They've tried to silence us with threatening the "cops"... guess that's one of Jess Lindley Jones' step dad's friends... * http://www.thepetitionsite.com/587/418/409/name-and-shame-une-srm-staff/#sign * http://www.gopetition.com/petitions/une-medical-school-name-and-shame.html Maybe what they Chris Davis doesn't want you to know is the scandal... He wasn't at all happy about his daughter banging a muslim negro. There has been a cover up. Jess Lindley Jones death was a suicide............... thanks a lot to Chris Davis' dominating and arrogant personality!

Got to love student politics.... I believe it was a former president of ASPIRE who said there would be "some really valuable opportunities to put your name down on a petition..." (http://unemsa.org/storage/fresher-guide/Fresher%20Guide%202012%201.pdf)

Isn't this the medical school where the labour party hack..... Chris Davis' daughter.... Jessica Lindley Jones went?? I believe it was on SBS that Davis said Jessica was "one of his most treasured political campaigners".... What an ass hole..... pimping his daughter out in to politics, just to get the cheap vote!

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