Juarez, Mexico House Building/Medical Trip


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I attend a high school in the United States and just recently, my sister and I created a club, Beyond Borders, to promote helping those outside the boundaries of our town. Our club wishes to take a trip to Juarez, Mexico (with a few adults and dentists) to build a house for a less fortunate family and give some Mexicans the ability to see a dentist (a rare event in Juarez). Unfortunately, the only thing stopping us from going is the cost of the trip. Each member has tried to donate as much as possible, but we keep coming up short.

If there is any way for you to donate some money to our cause, that would be a wonderful help. My club and I thank you for all your support so that we can complete our goals in Juarez.

If you wish to donate money, please go to paypal.com and send money to my account using my e*mail address, sarahjmarotta@aol.com.

Thank you!


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