Invisible Children 4/25/11

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Invisible Children 4/25/11

April 25th, 25 Thousand Hours & Years. Invisible Children.

My name is Trisha McKee, and I am raising money and awareness to help support the many thousands of children that have been abducted and abused by the rebel group known as the (LRA) Lords Resistance Army.

The funds that are received will help fund the invisible Children Protection Plan. This is a group that is dedicated to help the innocent children of brutal violence of the LRA.

Invisible Children National Awareness Even April the 25th of 2011.

I am participating in the ICNA which is called (25). Thousands of people around the world will use their voiced by not speaking for 25 hours to raise awareness of this 25 year war on children.

Any of these methods will be possible to reach as many people as you can to get involved. Facebook, Twitter, E-mail, Phone, or by word of mouth before the 25th of April. I am not receiving any rewards or prizes for this fundraiser. It is my caring for people that I do this. I hope you can join me.

You can donate online at this link:


In search type in: Invisible Children

Click Donate

In Search Participants: Trisha McKee

Click on my Page

Then Click Donate

Any amount will help these children.

Thank you, Trisha McKee

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