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jtvgevhlq jtvgevhlq jtvgevhlq jtvgevhlq xA6xEa vnvpnkwgbloo
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tomhas tomhas tomhas tomhas iVeXd2 dnxgzddoyrwz
Islam Islam Islam Islam I find it so hard to believe that "we've" bemoce so blase about such a world-changing event, Pat. I just don't get it. Nothing in the newspaper...nothing about veteran's groups, etc.
Dawn Olayvar Dawn Olayvar
Maggie Maddox Maggie Maddox
mike downs mike downs
Megan Smiddy Megan Smiddy I had a very hard time celebrating my birthday..it's on April 16. i felt horrible about me trying to be happy about my birthday when all of those people were dying and all of the families were so sad and depressed.
maryann maryann maryann maryann never forget vt
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