In Remembrance of Virginia Tech

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You are all in our prayers, we will never forget:

Ross Alameddine

Jeremy Herbstritt

Ryan Clark

Jamie Bishop

Jocelyne Couture-Nowak

Daniel Perez Cueva

Austin Cloyd

Brian Bluhm

Rachael Hill

Minal Panchal

Kevin Granata

Mary Read

Michael Pohle

Julia Pryde

Reema Samaha

Waleed Shaalan

Leslie Sherman

Jarrett Lane

Nicole White

Maxine Turner

Matthew La Porte

Henry Lee

Liviu Librescu

Lauren McCain

G.V. Loganathan

Partahi Lombantoruan

Matthew Gwaltney

Emily Hilscher

Juan Ramon Ortiz

Caitlin Hammaren

Erin Peterson

Daniel O'Neil

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