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As we grow into maturity in our own spiritual, mental, and physical lives, we should also develop into active impact investors in our own communities. This does not take a billion dollars or a million hands. It simply takes a caring heart, networking pool and outreach efforts.

With this notion in mind, we ask that you join in with us in our new philanthropic initiative Hosting for a Cause™. Please refer to a friend who is an event planner, hosts/hostess, speaker, promoter, entertainer, model, entrepreneur, venue owner, etc... whom are willing to give back a portion of proceeds from events and/or sales to their favorite charities.

We are changing the face of philanthropy here in Dallas. Nothing contractual in regards to how you choose to give, we only ask that you give a good faith effort into giving back to missions and causes in your community. Let's begin collaborating together and using our resources to help those in need and make a better future for all.

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