Hero Ranch

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Hero Ranch

My name is Stephen J. Crowley. I am an Iraq Veteran and also a Veteran of the COLD WAR. I have about 16 years total service. I wasn't any SUPER TROOPER by any standards. I have, however, always been very proud of my service.

I had a lot of trouble coming home from Iraq (Like most soldiers). It wasn't easy jumping back into my life I had before deploying to Operation Iraqi Freedom. In fact I had so much trouble my wife divorced me. She said I wasn’t the man she married, anymore. She was right. I wasn't.

I went into a deep depression after that. I really just wanted to die somewhere. I finally ended up in the VA Hospital on the 5th floor Psyche Ward. I wasn't alone either. There were WW2 Vets, Korea, Vietnam, OIF, OEF, Navy, Army, Marines, etc. Although the VA staff was running short on personnel and funds, they did their best to take care of us.

It was there I thought of a place where Vets could go and re-group. I saw a Ranch, where they could take care of Horses and other livestock. Hard work, fresh air and relaxation blended together to get Veterans out of the muck of depression. With the help of others, it would be a peaceful place where Vets could find themselves again.

So, I always kept that idea in my head. Just recently, I became very depressed. It's just one of those dark clouds that always seem to sneak up on you from nowhere.

That was when the idea popped up in my head again. I decided I needed to quit thinking about it and get the ball rolling.

I wondered what I should call this Ranch?

HERO RANCH, what else could it be?

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