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Hazel Chase Hazel Chase
Janet Pearson Janet Pearson You can lead humans to knowledge but you can't make them think. These children must be rescued from their own parents and from these fake missionaries. Nigeria should be ashamed of causing such suffering to the innocent.
Emma Carvell Emma Carvell
Delight Woodley Delight Woodley These children were all born as angels. It is the humans and enviroment and evil that destroys them. They came into this world without asking and were born innocent and true, help them to hold onto that, please!
Vanessa Hutcheson Vanessa Hutcheson
Tiberius Barrett Tiberius Barrett
Mike Cryer Mike Cryer
fraditia fraditia fraditia fraditia child`s an angel..
Randy Benson Randy Benson Ignorance, bigotry, superstition and downright cruelty remain in this world. More than anyone else, it is always the truly innocent and defenseless who suffer. THIS MUST END.
Marisol Fernandez Marisol Fernandez And we call ourselves human beings?
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