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Bryon Carter Bryon Carter If children are the world's greatest natural resource then that includes the children of Nigeria. They are not to be exploited. They are to be loved and prepared for a good, if hard, life.
Patricia Nigro Patricia Nigro Poor children who cannot be children.
Aniella  Phelipa Aniella Phelipa
Beth Tatum Beth Tatum No child should have to suffer the way the children of Nigeria are suffering. Please put an end to this child abuse and allow the children to be "children", to play and study and feel safe in their own homes.
Mark Couch Mark Couch This is intolerable!
Benoit Pierre Lambert Benoit Pierre Lambert
Ghulam Murtaza Ghulam Murtaza The children of Nigeria have every right to enjpoy the priveleges and treatment as any other normal child anywhere else in the world. Please allow the m to enjoy those rights.
Dalia E. Hettfield Dalia E. Hettfield
Brendan Kennedy Brendan Kennedy
Anne Thompson Anne Thompson
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