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Maria Gonzalez Maria Gonzalez
Heather Wolf Heather Wolf
sophia dalle sophia dalle where is the un? where are the ngos? it is surely incredulous and very telling a shame upon the people supposed to be helping and monitoring
Ann Sumpter Ann Sumpter We need to help all chidren, It just doesn't happen over seas.
Elena Pintilie Elena Pintilie
Brenda Pope Brenda Pope It is time to do something to help these children. We should not stand by and let them die if we can do something. Thank you kindly.
cÚline bahlinger cÚline bahlinger We must fight and end this exploitation of poverty and this human rights abuses
Laurel Watson Laurel Watson We must support things like the World Hunger Project and give FREE birth control in every country. We have got to stop the cycle of poverty. We must support human and animal rights in all countries. Those who rape should be castrated, not killed.
Rob Levy Rob Levy Each day that this putrid inhumanity persists, is a day that shows a visibly deepening scar, across the soul, of the careless decision makers. Stop this evil,in the name of humanity.
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