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jennifer heath jennifer heath i wached the documentry on channal 4 and could not belive what i saw and the way the children where being treated i was discusted .
michelle stephen michelle stephen I caanot believe what i have just seen on tv,in this age how can we as adults in a civilised world let this happen/ What is thire goverment doing to help...F***k it would seem ..how can i personally help? please let me knowxx
Elane Conway Elane Conway
Karen Sheaffer Karen Sheaffer
Carina Eriksson Carina Eriksson This is NOT the way children are meant to be treated nor the kind of environment they need to live in while growing up. It's sad and pathetic the conditions under which they live and the beliefs that surround them are nothing more than fairy tales.
Debbie Low Debbie Low
Rob Sanders Rob Sanders These atrocities to the children must be stopped .Ignorance is no excuse for abuse or mistreatment.
Jenny Mattsson Jenny Mattsson Please don't do this towards innocent children or adults. Just one little step would make the world a better place to live in.
Tink care Tink care
Helena Dworeck Helena Dworeck
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