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agnieszka wojciechowska agnieszka wojciechowska
Judith Pecho Judith Pecho Stop this horrible treatment of children and infants. The Evangelical pastors are ignorant and superstitious and you must joint the rest of the world in seeing this kind of treatment to be the extreme of harassment and cruelty. Do not allow this to continue.
Ajarat Bada Ajarat Bada
Gudrun Dennis Gudrun Dennis
Pennie Smith Pennie Smith Please stop inhumane cruelty and show compassionate Help. Thank you.
Ashley LaRock Ashley LaRock Wow, really? They do that stuff. I think thats dumb I mean why does God let the children just suffer? Cant he take em into Heaven now. Instead of letting the pain and the hurt stay on the outside and the inside. Their just going 2 be messed up cause They will think its okay 2 rape and abuse their children. Well thats if, they make it through this torture. We have to, we got to do something. Today. We cant just sit there watching some little kid get beat and raped b/c their parents think it saves them from a sickness. They do have a sickness. THEIR STUPID
claire lloyd claire lloyd Nigerian children need protected from starvation,deyhdration,poverty,sexual abuse,and torture. Its a disgrace that in the twenty first century these poor babies and children are being forced to live like this.
ametis half europien half kurdish ametis half europien half kurdish love from occupied kurdistan
Mario Circello Mario Circello
Annie Frykberg Annie Frykberg
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