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Roxi schliesman Roxi schliesman
Kenny Velasquez Kenny Velasquez
Jillyanne Michelle Cape Jillyanne Michelle Cape Please help these children. Their lives are sacred. Anyone who would hurt a child is the one who is evil. All children are innocent.
Debra Arnold Debra Arnold
James Hibbard James Hibbard I really don't know what to say. Please stop this. Please
honey child morris honey child morris it hurts my heart to see the suffering of these children done by these so called pastors in the name of God.I will help as much as i can. God bless the children,and those that have helped the children so far.
Peggie  Wann Peggie Wann
Marla de Vries Marla de Vries
Jessie Cross Jessie Cross Children are or should be the future light of their country. To mistreat/harm any child is one of the worst atrocities any human being can commit.
Mahendra Parmar Mahendra Parmar i aggree with the view
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