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Help save Stockport County!

We, the undersigned, write to petition Stockport Metropolitan Borough Council to take positive urgent action in the matter of the severe difficulties currently facing Stockport County Football Club.

Stockport County has been at the heart of the Stockport community for over 125 years. However, it is now facing significant financial and operational difficulties which are jeopardising its survival as a football league club.

Throughout the UK football clubs are essential in ‘putting the town on the map’, encapsulating the vision and ideals of their local community and distinguishing many smaller towns from larger, more recognisable centres of population. This is particularly the case in Stockport where the presence of County is integral to the town’s identity as separate from that of ‘Greater Manchester’. Without it, the town, its values and identity is in danger of being subsumed into the background of its larger neighbour with its wealthier and more glamorous football clubs.

Stockport County can claim to be one of the only Supporter’s Trust owned clubs in the UK, and its recent success on the field has won the acclaim and attention of football supporters throughout the country.

The loss of the club would be a serious blow to the prestige of the town and would significantly hamper the key objective of the Council to strengthen the community – in a stroke Stockport would lose its badge and its community standard.

We feel strongly that the Council has a responsiblity to protect this vital bastion of Stockport's community and that it should engage fully with the both the Trust and Club boards to explore all means through which the current problems may be solved.

As fans of football, or sport as a whole, even a person who has any sort of hobby to support this cause. Without the help of Stockport County Council, we believe the future of Stockport County Football Club could become more bleak.

Thanks for your support.

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