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Erica erica Erica erica Heath will be loved, and missed by us all. He was an amazing actor, and I will always enjoying watching his films!
Ellen Godwin Ellen Godwin What a beautiful way to remember him. I still can't believe he's gone.
Victoria Lowery Victoria Lowery A tragedy! I feel so badly for his little girl, Matilda and the rest of his family. May he rest in peace.
Carla Wiley Carla Wiley I support anything that has to do with Heath,Heath will be forever missed,and Always remembered....
Alessia Esse Alessia Esse I\'m really gonna miss you. RIP, Blond Angel.
Sarah Eavis Sarah Eavis stop all these malicious comments ? Lynn cant you see that this is a way for us all to share our pain and suffering and also pay tribute to a great actor and icon? Heath I hope, whatever the reason for your life, that you are in peace now!
Jenny Simons Jenny Simons you stupid bitch - I hope when you die you are put in a paupers grave and are shunned and none pays the least bit of attention but stumbles over your grave and their dogs piss all over your headstone. bitch!
Lynn Xanders Lynn Xanders This is the most ridiculous page I have seen! What is your 'cause'......a dead actor that you didn't know! Why do you have a petition..are you petition his death? Supporters - join here....is that to indicate if you support his death or not....wow...this is something else! Thanks for the amusement this morning....nutjobs make it all worthwhile!
Fran Walsh Fran Walsh Its so sad!
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