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jess  stoneburner jess stoneburner we will miss you heath ledger!
samaria samaria samaria samaria i miss heath ledger..... he will be remembered always!!
gina mormando gina mormando
Courtney Coscia Courtney Coscia
lauren devlin lauren devlin i love and miss him so much...but then i remember hes in a better place watching over little matilda
Anita Archuleta Anita Archuleta Heath Ledger's life ended too soon. There are Physicians who are excited about prescribing drugs with their "signature". We are human beings and not rats to experiment on! I blame the doctors for the un-interactive drugs! Heath was a young and strong talented man, may God forgive us for this loss.
Kathy Innella Kathy Innella I loved Heath;s movies and so did my neice :) She LOOVED him...and was really heartbroken at his death.
Rachel Lamica Rachel Lamica heath was the most lovimg man ive ever known i may not have met him but 4 thouse of u who did lucky u! lol heath u will be missed always!
Beverly Wicked One Beverly Wicked One Heath Ledger was an amazing man, outstanding actor, and a wonderful father! It is a great lost to all of us that he had to leave us so soon. Heath will be terribly missed http://www.myspace.com/official_myspace
Maggie Maddox Maggie Maddox Heath will be greatly missed. It's still hard to believe he is gone. Even though most of us never knew him personally he will always have a place within our hearts... especially mine. Good night sweet prince.
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