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Our goal is to show Prime Minister Harper that Canadians need him to raise awareness about the ongoing human rights abuses practiced in China, and give a voice to the millions who have been silenced by the Chinese Communist Party, with whom he is about to do business.

Our message is one of peace and hope. All we ask is that our Prime Minister, whom we have entrusted as our honest representative, carry a message to the CCP that Canada is aware of the depths of control they are exerting over their own people, and that we are not willing to ignore that behaviour for the sake of monetary gain.

This does concern Canadians. Not only have Chinese-Canadian family members been subject to the most disgusting forms of torture heard of, but many goods that are shipped to Canada have been forcefully made through murderous labour camps.

Canada has prided herself on freedom from oppression, multicultural advocacy, and the active promotion of human rights internationally. It is the responsibility of Canada's Prime Minister to hold true these beliefs throughout his trips abroad.

Thank you for your support. It is of tremendous value to millions of people.

The following is the letter being sent to Mr. Harper:

Dear Prime Minister Stephan Harper:

Canadian advocacy for human rights has been important to the advancement of freedom around the world, including China. Abandoning Canada's role here would not only damage Canada’s reputation, but would also demoralize the millions of Chinese who are fighting daily for their basic dignity and freedom. It could also jeopardize the prospects for China's peaceful transition to democracy, resulting in long-term strategic problems for Canada and increasing domestic instability within China. We stand wholeheartedly behind engagement with China, but it must be a principled and coherent one, firmly rooted in universal values.

We therefore ask you to re-state Canada's human rights policy to the Chinese leaders, as well as to the Chinese people, during your December visit, and to emphasize that continued improvement of Canada-China relations depends on progress there on human dignity. Specifically, we urge you to:

1. Request the release of political prisoners and rights-defending journalists, and ask for the release of those who are seriously ill and could die in prison and those experiencing torture: Wang Rongqing,Yang Tianshui, Xu Wanping,Yang Maodong, Huang Qi, Wang Bingzhang, Chen Guangcheng, Hu Jia and Jin Haike. Please seek to learn the whereabouts of Gao Zhisheng. In addition, we ask for the release of 14 Falun Gong practitioners whose family members are Canadian and who are currently in prison camps.(The list is being submitted separately to Harper). Also, please ask for the release of Tibetan political prisoners, particularly Dhondup Wangchen, and request that the government not execute the Tibetans and Ugyurs who were involved in uprisings (four Tibetans were executed last month).

2. Attend a worship service while you are in Beijing and urge the Government to cease the persecution of family churches and other spiritual communities, such as the Falun Gong;

3. Host a meeting at the Canadian embassy in Beijing with Liu Xia, wife of the distinguished Chinese intellectual and author of Charter 08, Liu Xiaobo, who is currently in prison and charged with state subversion.

4. Urge the Chinese government publicly to address the realities of the June 4, 1989 massacre at Tiananmen Square and redress the injustices suffered by those who died or were injured.

5. Encourage a genuine dialogue between the Chinese government and the Dalai Lama and between the government and the Uyghurs, and call for an independent, open, fair, judicial process for cases related to the events of 3/14/2008 and 7/5/2009.


Thank You Kindly.

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