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Satyam Satyam Satyam Satyam Hi, EleniI use Caran D'ache Neocolor Watersoluble Pastels + Acrylic + Gel Pens + Watercolor Pencils + Stamps + Stamp Ink Pads.. and just anything that goes with Mixed Media =) You'll learn the colrniog & shading from WOW2 course very soon from willowing !
Ognjen Ognjen Ognjen Ognjen Eleni!!!I am happy to hear from you. As I can see you've had a lot of inspiration lltaey. I saw the link to the blog party 3There is a little witch in every woman" and have decided to participate too! Am sure we will have great fun!I am happy you like the little doll. Am not sure I can exacttly make the same one as they all have their own personality, even if I try to make a similar one.Let me know.X
Alex Alex Alex Alex Adsense of : just do it!Adsense of : sends to warm, give you more comforts of life!Adsense of : evteyrhing is possible!Adsense of : choice me is choice beautiful foot and body!Adsense of : champion is in the first line!Adsense of : Allows you to enjoy the leisure life in the fun!Adsense of : taste original life, wear the most morden and comfortable shoes!Adsense of : why make our hair so beautiful and lots stylers, for choice me is choice happy!Adsense of : just do it!
Tim tim? Tim tim? CHANGE IT, green apple nastys is kinda a wierd na,e. you guys need a name change, itll get u more hits.

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