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Mahmood Lina Mahmood Lina
Heike Winnig Heike Winnig The Israeli government cannot keep practicing impunities ! They are grossly violating international criminal laws, and most of all disregarding and denying basic human rights to the people of Palestine !! Israel must be held accountable for every injustice of war crimes committed against the people of Palestine, and they must be made to account for every penny spent on weaponry and equipment used to hurt and murder innocent men, women and children in their own country !! Israel has illegally gained entrance into Palestine, it has illegally confiscated lands in Palestine and, worst of all, it has completely and utterly disregarded the basic human birthright of human rights, dignity, and respect !! They must be stopped ! Let the people of Palestine live in peace ! It is their country and it is their right to defend their lands, their culture and their beliefs !! No more financial aid to Israel !! They must be stopped from their evil endeavor !!
Hewa Palani Hewa Palani I love how Palestine is handling this. I'm Kurdish my self and i can tell you that we are going throw the same thing. Just remember that throw out history the invader has never won war. Over time the Israeli's them self's well give up and try to figure out a way to live peacefully among the Palestine's. Keep up the fight Palestine one day we well trade together.
Guliz Sahdur Guliz Sahdur
celtic angel celtic angel Palestine belongs to the Palestinians and should be returned to them NOW!!!!
maria qayum maria qayum
Panagiotis Rigopoulos Panagiotis Rigopoulos
Hanzi Woodland Hanzi Woodland
Jenny Vegan Jenny Vegan
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