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Cherie Byard Cherie Byard im signing this because i think this is a good idea and also my husband is an ex-serviceman in another country and looking for all the help we can get but we are finding it hard to do so since we arnt in the UK, which where he is from.
Richard Byard Richard Byard An Ex-serviceman living in New Zealand trying to get on with a normal life with my new wife after 15 years in the forces.
david  markie david markie well done jimmy hope you get to the 1000 mark
kevin perry kevin perry
dean brierley dean brierley
debra brierley debra brierley
Judit Nagy Judit Nagy I think, who served their countries their goverment should look after them. They honoured and served their country,their country should honour and serve them. Their conditions have a serious effect on their families too.
dean  ferguson dean ferguson
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