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Indy Indy Indy Indy Hot damn, loniokg pretty useful buddy.
John  McDougall John McDougall Well said Jim . I dont believe the normal civvy realizes what being a soldier,sailor,airman or marine takes out the human body,
Darren Bennett Darren Bennett
Michelle Simpson Michelle Simpson My dad served with 1 KOSB for 22 years, Robert Simpson, petition signed.
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Laquisha Laquisha Laquisha Laquisha Hahahaha. I'm not too brghit today. Great post!
Robert Clarke Robert Clarke As an ex Sapper 1968-2000,I also have a war pension and now still undergoing treatment after a brain operation and stereotatic surgery. I have the utmost respect for all service men and women and thier famillies
gavin rae gavin rae
David Rendall David Rendall
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