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Mary Hubbard Mary Hubbard Although I AM NOT A SUPPORTER OF THE buddhist faith nor any other faith apart from Christianity, I strongly believe that everyone everyone is entitled to freedom of speech, religion, etc. and should not be persecuted for their beliefs, regardless of popular opinion.
Damian Tamre Damian Tamre
Katherine Branch Katherine Branch
peter steadman peter steadman Lets hope peace and love can prevail over the wrong doings of China.
Enrico Soekarno Enrico Soekarno
Jens Hansen Jens Hansen I'm completely fed up with the Chinese Govt! I'll NEVER visit this country!
Yrna Miryana Yrna Miryana
Sarah Brackwell Sarah Brackwell
Kellie Peak Kellie Peak Enough is Enough. This must not continue! It is time that the Tibetan people live in THEIR land, free from torture, persecution, and opression. It is time that HH the 14th Dalai Lama rule HIS people in HIS land! It is time for a FREE TIBET! This is a human rights violation!
Bob Ramczyk Bob Ramczyk C'mon China...back off!
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