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103449 views 12 clicks
74450 views 6 clicks
47544 views 4 clicks
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10736 views 1 click
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Name Comments
Jennifer Cousins Jennifer Cousins
Anna Maria  Ostęp Anna Maria Ostęp
William Keiser William Keiser
Mary Eissa Mary Eissa The Gates are open!!!
Jim Black Jim Black No country big or small should be invaded by another
Elisabeth Bechmann Elisabeth Bechmann
Dorothy White Dorothy White
yeshey pelden yeshey yeshey pelden yeshey free tibet...... bod rangzen tsangma yin
Yeshi Lhamo Yeshi Lhamo I think this Cause is awesome, becuz i am a tibetan and this shows the world what China has been doing to , the tibetans. You people will not understand how much genocide and pain that us caused by them. So i will say this once FREE TIBET. becuz it deserves to be free.
Liam Patakis Liam Patakis
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