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Mariangela Milan Mariangela Milan
Simon Horky Simon Horky
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Sahi Sahi Sahi Sahi @The Doctor: If you believe htiosry started after it was rewritten by Mao in the 1950ies, then indeed forever started only 50 years ago and I need to agree. Otherwise: you have been fooled. Don't be bothered, in the West people are fooled by htiosry as well and they don't know either.
Jayesh Ramaiya Jayesh Ramaiya
Skander Manaa Skander Manaa Free Tibet and it's people!!! Tibetans HAVE human rights!! They need to be heard, and given the support they desperately need to overcome China's communist invasion! FREE TIBET!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
Vindhya Barwal Vindhya Barwal It is heartbreaking to see the sufferings of the innocent Tibetans. I wish for a free and happy Tibet.
Gonneke Arts Gonneke Arts
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