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Isaac Little Isaac Little Tibet was taken by military force and china has no right to hold on to it. Personally I believe a vote needs to be held in Tibet by the UN on this matter but if this gets that done then you can have my vote.
Oana Claudia Danciu Oana Claudia Danciu
paul mcbride paul mcbride free tibet
Ana Bernardi Ana Bernardi
Michele Haugh Michele Haugh I have heard about Tibet through the year's but had no idea of the depth of the abuses that China has imposed until my son did a report on the issue for school this year. It is a quiet and gradual genocide of both the people and the land.
siddhant chawla siddhant chawla
michele murphy michele murphy Free the beautiful people of Tibet
Brendan Iwashko Brendan Iwashko Tibet deserves peaceful autonomy!
Ariel Hapgood Ariel Hapgood China has constantly trodden over human rights for the past century. Severing of diplomatic and marketing ties seems to be the only solution that their imperialist government will understand.
Kushal Ashok Kushal Ashok I have heard real stories from my Tibetan friends who came to India by putting their life at risk. They say the basic right to practice their religion is not being provided to Tibetans. There are many other issues that need to be resolved. I support the cause and I hope that Tibet is freed soon.
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