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Russell Symonds Russell Symonds
Tanya Barwal Tanya Barwal Free Tibet!
karan sain karan sain Free Tibet !!
Husain Penwala Husain Penwala There are a lot of things happening in every corner of the world. This is not just for Tibet, this is for humanity.
Vanessa Vanessa Vanessa Vanessa That we may be able to abandon colteeplmy and without hesitation the manylures of our confusion and no longer loose ourselves in childishdistractions and fabrications;That our practice and kindness of heart may be as pure and pervasive asthose embodied by the great dakini Khandro Tsering Chf6dron;That we too may find divine grace and infinite treasure in the majesty ofthe humble heart;Not to seek anything but what is already there.That we may free ourselves colteeplmy of our preoccupation with our ownwell-being and pleasure, and with carefree abandon dedicate ourselvescolteeplmy to the benefit of all sentient beings;Without fear, and in complete trust and devotion,Be as we are in our deepest natureFree and yet colteeplmy dedicatedWith every breath we take.That we may be guided on our path by the wisdom and love and the examplethat Khandro Tsering Chf6dron radiated into this world;And humbly follow in her footsteps.For this we pray and dedicate our humble offeringIn gratitude for the op
Fayzilla Fayzilla Fayzilla Fayzilla I watched it the other day and I have to say I felt like a dud. Like I'm under a rock or sontheimg. I've read most of what I can find on the whole issue and I am so taken back, I'm kinda numb.I know that there are so many out there on our earth that are being harmed in the name of government, money, or just pure ego it just is so disheartening.Hugs sweetie,Namaste ~ Monica
tomislav cutic tomislav cutic FREE TIBET!
Isaac Little Isaac Little Tibet was taken by military force and china has no right to hold on to it. Personally I believe a vote needs to be held in Tibet by the UN on this matter but if this gets that done then you can have my vote.
Oana Claudia Danciu Oana Claudia Danciu
paul mcbride paul mcbride free tibet
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