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Kat Karref Kat Karref
drew meikleham drew meikleham save tibet from the communism.
Tim Summer Tim Summer
Phil Whitehead Phil Whitehead Thank you Tibet a place in need. And thank you China for a heart to bleed. They take your money then they tell you you're poor; But they'll be blowing up Asia saying you're insecure.
Ivan Cabrera Ivan Cabrera The era of rebirth and harmony is upon us, peace and love shall prevail.
Susan Bertolino Susan Bertolino
Dave Winn Dave Winn Im totally disgusted with my country,s (UK), attitude towards Tibet. Only the US has the clout to make a difference
tibet truth tibet truth Great Petition. Keep awareness alive and strong. Here's a great Blog on Tibet, please post on your own space and pass to your friends. http://tibettruth.wordpress.com/ Bod Gyalo!
Nathaniel Ward Nathaniel Ward
Silvia Piaia Silvia Piaia FREE TIBET
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