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cindy adrienne quashie cindy adrienne quashie FREE TIBET
Kaylah Boswell Kaylah Boswell FREE TIBET NOW!!!!!
Gladis Monti Gladis Monti
Tara None Tara None I'm Tibetan and I want Tibet back!
Jenny Dooley Jenny Dooley Tibet needs to be free... Tibetans must have equal human rights. No more enforced sterilization. Freedom of speech, of choice, of religion. No more plundering of Tibet's resources, and no more deposits of nuclear and toxic waste!
Josette Marie Berroteran Josette Marie Berroteran If China knows what's good for them, China needs to restore Tibet to its RIGHTFUL OWNERS! China shall REAP as they have sown!
Kai Baldock Kai Baldock
Deborah Botting Deborah Botting
ryan seaford ryan seaford
Red Mawley Red Mawley
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