Free the Sahrawi Prisoners

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Free the Sahrawi Prisoners

The 07 human rights activists known as "the Group Degja Lachgrar", the only woman among them: Brahim Dahanne, Dagje Lachgar, Ahmed Nassiri, Ali Salem Tamek, Lebaihi and Rachid Sghaer, and Terouzi Yahdih who were arrested on 08.10.2009 after their visit to the Saharawi refugee camps appeared yesterday 15/10/2009 in front of the judge of the court of appeals in Casablanca who decided to make them appear before the military court due to incompetence. In the same day in the afternoon of that same day, they appeared before a military court judge in Rabat who detained them until 01: 00 am on 16/10/2009. The 07 detainees were brought afterwards to the prison of Sale

Therefore, they are charged with heavy allegations.

We demand their immediate release. Can you help?

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