Food Security for Kids


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Food Security for Kids

I have come to believe that the most critical issue we need to address, worldwide, is food security. Food security means that people have enough healthy food available to flourish, no matter where they are in the world. My husband spent much of his childhood near Kossoye, Ethiopia, and was sad to learn, a few years ago that maternal and child health had actually diminished there in the last 40 years. As he researched a book about the region, he began the Kossoye Project with family and friends, including faculty from the public Health College at Gondar, Ethiopia, a nearby city. Wright State (Dayton, Ohio) faculty have leant some expertise to the project, as well as colleagues at Capital University (Columbus, Ohio).

This gardening and seed saving project is definitely something I can relate to! My daughter and I got to participate in some project activities a year ago May and saw the beautiful vegetables that have been introduced and re-introduced in the area over 400 gardens so far. Many mothers we spoke to said how pleasantly surprised they were to have a higher energy level as a result of eating healthy, vitamin rich, fresh food! As a next step, the Kossoye Project will disseminate their gardening manual, seeds, and cook book to a larger regional area.

Please help me extend this important project another year, and introduce it in a neighboring village. For $2000, this can happen seed, tools and technical assistance (all volunteer) will make it happen!

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