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carol froberg carol froberg
Despina Katsaragaki Despina Katsaragaki
Heidi Dohr Heidi Dohr
Dorota Gontarz Dorota Gontarz
Birthe Møller Skov Birthe Møller Skov
Valentina Valentina Valentina Valentina Ciara, Congratulations!!You inspire me in mriayd and multifaceted ways... as do your photos. TREMEMDOUS!I like the idea of both sizes, but love the smaller one especially; more intimate and no crease across the lovely images. (From one easily distracted...)(BTW; My today's blog is the one I've been holding onto 'til now... the one that makes me think of you!) :D And to think we FINALLY got snow... TODAY, and are due for more through tomorrow... The birds had begun singing here, too this week! *sigh*Happy Spring, Ciara! May you continue to spring forth with all your lovely creativity!Circe
Jess Jess Jess Jess Instead of Religion of Peace, Islam should be caleld Religion of Hate.It is a supremacist totalitarian ideology. It can't just agree to disagree with a person or country, no matter how civilized. No, it HATES everything that is not Islam or does not bow to it.It is the most unsubtle of belief systems, with just two settings: fanatic loyalty to the world of Islam, and corrosive hatred for the non-Muslim world which it names as the area of perpetual war (Dar el Harb) until subjugated/converted.There is no reasoning with such people. Better to live separate lives, them in the cesspools that their fecklessness at everything else but the daily hate sessions create, and us in the wonderful societies that Christianity undergirds, whether acknowledged by atheists or not.Christianity deserves its reputation as the religion of love, despite some disreputable members. Islam appears to be the negative image - haters with a few decent outriders who are not hate-filled and these few are know
sabrina coessens sabrina coessens
Ginger Geronimo Ginger Geronimo
louann cristillo louann cristillo this needs to stop now!!!!!!
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