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bryan miller b millz bryan miller b millz statistically, 1 out of 250,000 people have some sort of thyroid problem. thyroid problems are rare and come with much more serious and immediate life threatening conditions, not just being overweight. Apparently, several sources indicate that those that do actually have the thyroid problem deviate from their weight by an average of 20 lbs, so people 80 pounds overweight.. shut up! Those who do have it and are actually diagnosed (rather than using it as a punchline for your weight and a stab for sympathy) there's good news, with proper treatment, recovery is nearly 100%. sorry overweight people, but you need to find a new excuse to hide your closet fat eating habits. off topic with this but whats with the fat SUV drivers? your raising the countries gas prices AND food prices? shame on you
Mary Nichols Mary Nichols This is the meanest, crudest and most absurd petition and story I have come across about fat people! Not only that, but it is inaccurate. I ho have thyroid problem. I had Graves Disease with multiple complications, and had to have my thyroid removed. That was many, many years ago that I have been functioning without a thyroid, and it is called HYPOTHYROIDISM. Please Look it up. So, as an overweight person, I DO HAVE A THYROID PROBLEM. I was thin until I became hypothyroid, and my system became sluggish, my hands and arms widened and thickened and so did my face, and I began to put on weight. As well, I have had years of 'steroid' treatment for everything from my thyroid eyes to my asthma and other medical issues. And that added weight. Most of my medical issues are a direct result of my hypothyroidism. I went hypothyroidism after the removal of my thyroid. However, I am not as heavy as the person is the chair in your picture. But I am fat and my feelings are real, so please stop att
Catherine Andrews Catherine Andrews i totally agree. neither do skinny people.
Kai Baldock Kai Baldock
Chris Edmund Chris Edmund interesting
Slim Jim Slim Jim I agree, I should get a discount for being slim

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