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Juan Pablo de la Torre Juan Pablo de la Torre
jacinta bob jacinta bob It is SO disgusting that they kill them!
Ileana Carmen Carare Ileana Carmen Carare
Elke Hirsch Elke Hirsch Unbelievable! This has been going on for years and years and obviously will not end.
Tanya Markina Tanya Markina
Steve Hill Steve Hill How can any inhuman bastard go out on the ice and club to death these amazing, intelligent, beautiful animals, it makes me feel sick. We need to put an end to this barbaric slaughter.
George Martin George Martin
Paul Stone Paul Stone I just can.t believe this is still allowed, it is Barbaric and sick,you need to put pressure on the Canadian government again, boycott products, make your voice count, write to the Canadian embassy, make your voice heard
Daphne Vialletet Daphne Vialletet
Monica Garcia Monica Garcia END SEAL CLUBBING!
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