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Stephen Price Stephen Price No way for an advanced, peaceful nation to act. Specifically why i have not visited.
Mert Ercan Mert Ercan Seal clubbing is an inhumane way to murder (not kill) a seal...
Karl Grice Karl Grice Seal clubbing is wrong. Those f**king bastards call it a sport, seriously, if you think seal clubbing is fun, you are a disgusting son of bitch, and deserve to be clubbed to death your self.
Emmalee Stiles Emmalee Stiles
donna payne donna payne
Dana Hershkowitz Dana Hershkowitz
Kerry Van-Holland Kerry Van-Holland
Isabella Schulz Isabella Schulz
sue wallington sue wallington Stop this vile,disgusting,barbaric practice NOW.Call humans civilised? What a joke.I'd like to club the bastards to death,give them a taste of their own medicine
josslyn downing josslyn downing seal hunting is cruel and disgusting seals are just as important to the world as humans and all this seal hunting will lead to extinction and that is just uncalled for and unnessesary.... lets protect the seals:)
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