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Gabrielle Randall Gabrielle Randall
Noah Delagardelle Noah Delagardelle I wanna stop seals being clubbed!
Julie Cavalca Julie Cavalca
Dana Dana Dana Dana
Clelia Fricano Trambley Clelia Fricano Trambley
Stewart Scott Stewart Scott Clubbing is disgusting and should never be allowed. Absolutely barbaric and the those responsible should be locked up in an asylum under the mental health act it they think this behaviour is acceptable.
Phoebe Broek Phoebe Broek
Rosie Johnson Rosie Johnson Im 17 years old and have loved all animals since the day i was born... seal clubbing has to be the worst animal cruelty ever, the people who club those cute little seals need to be shot, or tested on, instead of animals. i don't know how anybody has the guts to kill such a gorgeous, innocent creature. Whoever does this extremely messed up 'sport' needs to be thrown into a mental home and someone needs to beat them to death infront of their family, just to see how it feels. Hopefully one day this horrible thing will stop and all seals can live happily together. I'd do anything to make it stop.
hollie park hollie park barbaric!
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