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Hannah Rice Hannah Rice Those jerks! thats wrong
Mary Georgiou Mary Georgiou
Jillian Davies Jillian Davies Boycott Canada! Not just its seafood, until it is stopped!
Danielle Troost Danielle Troost
Stuart Parkinson Stuart Parkinson
Noreen Mather Noreen Mather It degrades your nation to do this.
Julie  Bennett Julie Bennett There is nothing that can justify or excuse this. If any humans continue to do this we disgrace ourselves as a species.
Natasha Arbon Natasha Arbon This is a digusting, pointless "sport" and needs to be banned from the world asap.
Holly Graham Holly Graham To confront the cruel commercial slaughter of harp and hooded seals and successfully rally worldwide condemnation of the hunt. Also in hopes to motivate the public to prevent cruelty to animals and to promote animal welfare and conservation policies that advance the well being of both animals and people. To be a pragmatic and dedicated family of caring people and supporters who believe that animals suffer far too much from commercial exploitation, habitat destruction, and needless cruelty. Always to promote enlightened coexistence with all living things on this planet we share. Thank you for your time.
Joanne  Drake Joanne Drake ITS SICK
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