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Jessica Lac Jessica Lac
Nichole Nichole G Nichole Nichole G
Melissa Bennett Melissa Bennett
Dorota Gontarz Dorota Gontarz
tulliah rogers tulliah rogers I have 2 pet guinea pigs and I love them so much I wouldn't let anyone eat them even for all the money in the world!
Susan Tipping Susan Tipping As a fellow guinea pig owner I agree that eating guinea pigs need to be illegal. They are such cute, sweet and loving pets. They are good cuddlers and social animals that like talking sometimes. They definitely are worth saving from such a cruel fate.
Yesenia Fernandez Yesenia Fernandez I have neighbors who barbeque guinea pigs. It breaks my heart and makes me angry that nothing is done to make it illegal. Guinea Pigs are such cute pets and no one protects them. Its gotten to the point that they are being sold on the street and in markets ;(
Peyton Wirtz Peyton Wirtz This isn't right. It's bad enough people kill and eat chickens.
Natasha Arbon Natasha Arbon
Shilpi Chowdhury Shilpi Chowdhury They shouldn't be killed
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